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Sunday Scripture readings, Dec. 29, 2019: A year in review

As another year draws to a close news programs often present a “Year in Review” to highlight outstanding events of the last 365 days. Human achievements and notable figures are featured for their global, national or local impacts. Continue reading

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Year in review: Counties seen as key to ongoing death penalty struggle

Backgrounder. By Mark Pattison  Catholic News Service WASHINGTON (CNS) — While much of the focus has been on the Supreme Court, state legislatures, governors and juries in the ongoing fight to abolish capital punishment in the United States, the head … Continue reading

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Year in Review: Natural disasters prompt church to raise millions for aid, recovery

Backgrounder.  By Dennis Sadowski Catholic News Service WASHINGTON (CNS) — In Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, California and Mexico City, recovery was slow and deep pain remained from a string of natural disasters as 2017 ended. Hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes from … Continue reading

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Year in Review: With new U.S. administration, USCCB enters policy debates more often in ’17

Backgrounder.  By Dennis Sadowski  Catholic News Service WASHINGTON (CNS) — A new presidential administration and a new Congress kept the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as busy as ever in addressing public policy issues during 2017. Hardly a week passed … Continue reading

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Year in review — Refugees, migration a front-burner topic throughout 2016

(One in a series) By Mark Pattison Catholic News Service WASHINGTON (CNS) — American artist Jacob Lawrence detailed the plight of black Americans in the South who were discriminated against, exploited for their labor, threatened with death and sometimes killed, … Continue reading

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Year in review — Politics, courts involved in U.S. health care’s 2016 diagnosis

(One in a series) By Carol Zimmermann Catholic News Service WASHINGTON (CNS) — U.S. health care seemed stuck in the waiting room for part of the year, holding out for its future prognosis from courtroom and political decisions. During the … Continue reading

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Year in review — 2016, when racism and fear make a comeback

(One in a series) By Rhina Guidos Catholic News Service WASHINGTON (CNS) — It began with the fatal shootings of unarmed black men and women by police. It was exacerbated in the summer when, on July 7, a gunman in … Continue reading

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Year in review — Mideast Christians, especially those displaced, face mounting challenges

(One in a series) By Dale Gavlak Catholic News Service WASHINGTON (CNS) — As Christians in the Middle East look back on 2016, they wonder if there will be much to celebrate amid mounting challenges, particularly for those displaced by … Continue reading

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Year in review — Beyond expectations: Pope sees God of surprises at work in 2016

(One in a series) By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis described 2016 as a “packed year,” one full of initiatives that helped Catholics “see and touch with their hands the fruits of the mercy … Continue reading

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Year in review — After divisive elections, bishops urge Catholics to build bridges

(One in a series) By Dennis Sadowski Catholic News Service WASHINGTON (CNS) — Bishops across the country are encouraging parishioners to put aside their differences and work for the common good as President-elect Donald J. Trump prepared for his Jan. … Continue reading

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