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Sunday Scripture readings, Nov. 11, 2018: Dangerous behavior

Longboarding. Slacklining. Free climbing. Kiteboarding. BASE jumping. Extreme sports are dangerous. That’s why they’re such a kick. Fear pumps adrenaline.

      There’s a high that comes from riding the fear and breaking through ordinary limits. The observer senses the fear and admires the movement. The exhilaration, though, belongs to the athlete alone. Continue reading

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Priest uses his mother’s sauce to help the needy, evangelize

By Katie Rutter Catholic News Service LEXINGTON, Ky. (CNS) — When Father Jim Sichko recalls Tuesdays during his childhood in Orange, Texas, he can almost smell the aroma of his mother’s homemade tomato sauce wafting through their home. Marie Ceraso … Continue reading

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Sunday Scripture readings, Nov. 4, 2018: God is love

The award-winning movie “The Mission” tells the story of Jesuit missionaries who attempt to bring the good news of the Gospel to remote regions of northeastern Argentina and Paraguay as they evangelize the native Guarani people who inhabited that beautiful, rugged land. The story unfolds against the backdrop of 18th-century rivalries between the political powers of Spain and Portugal who seek to expand the wealth and power of their global empires.   Continue reading

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Synod document: Listen to, support, guide, include young people

By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The Catholic Church and all its members must get better at listening to young people, taking their questions seriously, recognizing them as full members of the church, patiently walking with … Continue reading

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Sunday Scripture readings, Oct. 28, 2018: It looks like this

What does it mean to have faith in Jesus? What is this having faith in him?

      It’s possible to answer these questions in an abstract way, with carefully defined terms in a theological discussion — possible, and useful. But we also need something more vital: a living demonstration. Continue reading

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Commentary: Committed to grace

While we expose the shameful, sinful and criminal, might we also acknowledge those who have been faithful?

      Our meeting down the hall has ended. A separate group of priests who are on retreat here in Indianapolis have invited us to join them at their closing Mass. Continue reading

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Synod groups on sexuality: Church welcomes all, calls all to conversion

Updated By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) — No one is excluded from the love of God or from being welcomed into the Catholic Church, but God’s love and the church’s welcome also come with a call … Continue reading

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