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Sunday Scripture readings, Oct. 28, 2018: It looks like this

What does it mean to have faith in Jesus? What is this having faith in him?

      It’s possible to answer these questions in an abstract way, with carefully defined terms in a theological discussion — possible, and useful. But we also need something more vital: a living demonstration. Continue reading

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Commentary: Committed to grace

While we expose the shameful, sinful and criminal, might we also acknowledge those who have been faithful?

      Our meeting down the hall has ended. A separate group of priests who are on retreat here in Indianapolis have invited us to join them at their closing Mass. Continue reading

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Sunday Scripture readings, Oct. 21, 2018: To serve, not to be served

If no spoken or written words of St. Teresa of Kolkata were ever recorded, the holy woman would still be a canonized saint of the church. For her saintly actions spoke louder than any of her words. She embraced the outcast leper; sheltered the homeless, dying man abandoned on the street; loved the orphaned, hungry, destitute child; and infused hope in marginalized, despairing hearts.

      Even as she was recognized with many high honors, such as the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, and other prestigious awards of international acclaim, she remained close to the poorest of the poor in a life of selfless, loving service. Her love of and closeness to the poor, in imitation of Jesus, was her path to greatness. Continue reading

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Sunday Scripture readings, Oct. 14, 2018: Where did that question come from?

My 20-something granddaughter went into a convent last week. Mary Kathleen quit her job, gave away her sizable collection of clothes, handed her cellphone to her mother (families have hand-me-ups as well as hand-me-downs) and began a year of discernment. Continue reading

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Sunday Scripture readings, Oct. 7, 2018: Not alone

“I have over 100 friends on Facebook!” and “I’ve got close to 1,000 followers on Twitter!” We’ve heard such claims from family and friends as they speak about their network of relationships through social media.

      Today we have become accustomed to beginning and ending relationships with the speed of a mouse click, as we “like,” “friend” or “tweet” people in the digital world. In this way, we make and break relationships easily as we move instantly from one social network to the next. Continue reading

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In light of faith: Final thoughts on the eve of the synod

Just over one year ago, we launched the “In Light of Faith” series with hope of providing a platform for young voices ahead of October’s synod on “Young people, faith and vocational discernment” convened by Pope Francis.

      We wrote at the time that we hoped the column would highlight the specific contributions young people have to offer the church, but also that it would showcase “what the church can offer to young people at a time and in a culture characterized by skepticism of institutional religion, saturation with identity politics, and changes in communication and commitment.” Continue reading

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Sunday Scripture readings, Sept. 30, 2018: Rage

There it is, right in the middle of today’s Gospel — the statement we might consider God’s particular word to the church in our time: “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were put around his neck and he were thrown into the sea” (Mk 9:42). Continue reading

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